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Water Purification Technologies, LLC has been serving the Southeast and Charleston, SC since 1995, providing the highest quality water treatment products and services available. Our founder has been actively working in the water purification and water treatment industry since 1974, working for such influential organizations as Continental Water (now U.S. Filter and Siemens), Millipore, and Culligan with vast experience in the medical, industrial and commercial markets, utilizing the best available technologies such as ion exchange, membrane filtration, sterilization, and chemical treatment.

Our expertise includes solving complex water problems for such formidable institutions as MeadWestvaco, Centers for Disease Control, Kraft Foods, 3-V Chemical, Quaker Oats, Ripley’s Aquarium, Eli Lilly, RCA Corporation, Boeing, Bosch, Owens Corning, and AVX, just to name a few.

Whatever the nature of the water to be treated or the endpoint quality desired, we have the resources necessary to satisfy our clients’ needs.