Water Purification Technologies



Complete Water Treatment Service for:

  • Cooling Towers
  •  Evaporative Condensers
  •  Chilled Water Systems
  •  Closed Loop Condenser Water Systems

  •  Hot Water Boiler Systems
  •  Steam Boilers
  •  Glycol Systems
  •  Geothermal Closed Loop Systems

We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly inspections and testing of our clients' water systems and submit written reports of our results.

• Disinfection of Domestic Water Systems

Water Purification Technologies’ highly experienced, certified specialists provide services to sterilize potable water systems by the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) specifications. Samples are sent to a Certified Laboratory ensuring that the procedure was performed successfully.

To obtain occupancy permits for new buildings, as well as for additions or reworking of water systems in existing buildings, contractors must prove to inspectors that the water is safe to drink. The domestic water system must be thoroughly cleaned, and the water needs to be tested and proven safe to drink before the building can be occupied.
The cleaning and testing should be performed by an independent party to achieve full safety certification. Similar to independent certification of elevators and sprinkler systems, the security of the water piped to each drinking fountain, coffee machine, and the sink is paramount to ensuring tenants that a building may be safely occupied.

• Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning

Membranes are the heart of a reverse osmosis unit. And just like your heart, they needed to be taken care of and kept healthy so that they can continue to work to keep your water treatment system alive. Having to replace membranes because of fouling and clogging can become costly and annoying.
Not to mention, it can become a huge set back causing hold-ups within your water treatment project.

• Cleaning and Disinfection of Deionized Water Piping Systems

Inspection and maintenance of high purity laboratories water systems such as Millipore, Barnstead, and Elga